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Ramshackle Games – Robots review

Curtis at Ramshackle Games has been running another Kickstarter. This time we have a selection of robots and pieces that can be assembled in whatever way you fancy to create your desired robot(s).


I got a few pieces early to put together a review for the Kickstarter.

2015-05-22 22.17.12

The amount of choice can leave you feeling a bit lost at first, but once you isolate the legs and torsos, the rest is down to weapons preference.


Space Mats (& Battle Mats) review

In all the rage of space ship miniature games lately, I decided to fork out for a 3×3 (foot) vinyl mat to play on. I’d previously got some 3v3 MDF boards cut but quickly realised that you need more space to put all the cards on for the likes of X-Wing and Star Trek Attack Wing. When playing on larger boards, you can easily forget where the board edge is and fly your ships off to their doom! So, a 3v3 map on a larger table seems the best compromise. However, you can of course  buy larger dimensions if needed.


Miniature Review: Impact Miniatures Chibi range

Neil of Orange here with yet another Kick Starter related review.

Impact Miniatures are a company I was aware of previously due to the range of Fantasy Football figures they produce.  I regularly read Table Top Fix to get insight on new toys coming out and they previewed a great looking set of Chibi style dungeon adventurers, some of which reminded me strongly of a childhood cartoon.


Miniature Review : Guild of Harmony Maria and Burt

Hello all, Neil of Orange here again.  Breaking the trend a little, here’s a review of some minis not related to a kickstarter.  Instead it’s some fab steampunk figures from Guild of Harmony who produce some interesting takes on fairy tale characters.


So my pair of minis came all the way from Australia in next to no time at all.  They arrived in a well packed bubble pack envelope (if memory serves) in little baggies as you can see above.


Minature Review: Ramshackle Rhebok

Hi all,

Neil of Orange here once more with another review.  Its been Kickstarter related toy time here for a while so I’ve been working my way through the new stuff and taking photos to share the joy.

Today we’re looking at Ramshackle Games‘ recent Kickstarter, “Brothers of Iron”.  I backed this project as a means to provide my growing 40k Inquisitor force with some transports.  I have some Ramshackle stuff already, a truck, a train and a smattering of figures.  From my prior experience I was expecting robust, big, rough around the edges models, hence the Ramshackle name I guess.