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Unboxing: Games Workshop’s Eldar Spiritseer

Lat week I picked up an Eldar Spiritseer for a 600 point doubles tournament. My list was pretty simple, revolving around a Wraithknight, as my ally was bringing 2 Riptides. It seemed rude not to bring all the big robots…

The Spiritseer model is another fine Eldar sculpt that fits seamlessly into their range. I have been fortunate with the latest incarnation of Eldar models as a lot of the display models and box art show my chosen Craftworld – Saim Hann, so I can pretty much paint by numbers.


Review: KingFluff Knights

KingFluff is one of those hobbyists who takes it a step further than even the most rabid collector. Custom building and casting everything he possibly can, he is a stickler for producing models for his hobby where nothing official is available.

Today I took the time to review his Knight model kit. This is a conversion package, but provides you with all the components to convert a model into a Knight, with many variant options. You will need a Blood Slaughter kit to convert for this, as it is based on the hull from that model.


Hasslefree’s Grymn Walker review

Kev White is well known as a very talented sculptor, his work being familiar to anyone who collects ’28mm’ miniatures. His company, Hasslefree, continually puts out excellent miniatures and accessories and I can highly recommend their product and service.

Recently, Kev set out to create his first walker, for Hasslefree’s range of vertically-challenged sci-fi humans, known as the Grymn. Having followed his progress on Facebook, I was eager to get hold of the walker upon release. I don’t have any particular purpose for the model yet, but I am a firm believer of shelf space being used by robots and walkers!