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Hasslefree’s Grymn Walker review

Kev White is well known as a very talented sculptor, his work being familiar to anyone who collects ’28mm’ miniatures. His company, Hasslefree, continually puts out excellent miniatures and accessories and I can highly recommend their product and service.

Recently, Kev set out to create his first walker, for Hasslefree’s range of vertically-challenged sci-fi humans, known as the Grymn. Having followed his progress on Facebook, I was eager to get hold of the walker upon release. I don’t have any particular purpose for the model yet, but I am a firm believer of shelf space being used by robots and walkers!


Mizuchi, the Awakened

Mywargame recently got some appreciation (on facebook) from GCT Studios, most famous for the ‘Bushido’ game and range of figures they produce.  As I’ve just received one of their latest miniatures releases, my brother asked me to do a guest review as a thank you.

I’ve been looking for an oriental dragon miniature for a while now and had very little success.  Fortunately I came across some very encouraging concept art in February:

Review – Forgeworld’s Eldar Assault Wasp Walker 1

Review – Forgeworld’s Eldar Assault Wasp Walker

Forgeworld recently added a varaiant kit for the Eldar War Walker, called the Wasp Assault Walker. This is the first walker kit of this scale from Forgeworld for the Eldar. As far as rumours go, it’s destined to be present in Imperial Armour XI, which features the Eldar, Space Wolves and Cadians.

At first glance, it’s very similar to the regualr walker, sporting a larger, more protective cockpit shield and a rear fin. Everything else seems to be quite subtle and to the rear of the model.

Ramshackle latest – Nuclear Resistance, Quad bikes 3

Ramshackle latest – Nuclear Resistance, Quad bikes

Ramshackle Games have continued to churn out quality, cheap miniatures for their Nuclear Resistance range, models I have found to be very useful and compatible with Warhammer 40,000 or similar scaled games.

From their latest offering, I ordered a selection of tech-like models and one of the new quad bikes:

Quad bike (male rider) – £2.50
Drug-crazed lunatics – £1.50 for both
Ironstrike – £1.50

Review – Ramshackle: Gilgamesh, Tahir, Pontius, Asclepius 1

Review – Ramshackle: Gilgamesh, Tahir, Pontius, Asclepius

I recently placed an order with Ramshackle Games as I was informed they are running a promotion with a free model. Previously I’ve ordered machine parts from them for use in conversions, but have been looking for an excuse to get hold of some of their other models.

Having a quick ponder through the new models since my last visit I came across a selection of augmented folk who would feel right at home amongst a Mechanicus force, modified or not.

Quite amazingly, these models cost a mere £1.50-£2.50 each!

For now, here’s are some fresh scale shots of each of the models.