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Tutorial – cork rocky bases

I’ve been using a simple and quick method for making my multibases lately that has raised a few questions as to what and how, so I thought a quick tutorial would be the best answer.

After using various expensive packaged basing materials and getting caught out when I used it all, I decided to work out my own supply.

I went to B&Q and bought a damaged sack of builder’s sand. It cost a whopping £1 and will last me years.


Iron Hands martian bases – mini tutorial

I recently made the decision to rebase my entire Iron hands army from 25mm to 32mm round bases. Simply put, it looks so much better and it is the new standard, officially or not.

I did a quick proof of concept on an old base for the style before making the move. Previously I had caked the bases in orange MIG pigment, but that was very messy and after fixing the pigment, it lost its vibrancy.  Here he is in the middle amongst my older style bases.


Sculpting alien skin bases

I find sculpting alien bases a bit therapeutic. I’ve done over 25 designs for my fledgling company, Krakon Games.

2014-02-01 11.01.45

Here’s a handy little tutorial showing how I go about it.

First, select a base.

2014-04-14 20.02.39

Then roll some putty – enough to cover the surface of the base with about 2mm of thickness.

2014-04-14 20.02.46


Wet your thumb and slowly push the putty into the base, right up to the edges.

Recreating the old – Adeptus Arbites 3

Recreating the old – Adeptus Arbites

I’ve always wanted to work on an Adeptus Arbite force, but for some reason it never happened, standing aside for other projects. With the release of the new Ork battlewagon, I saw a lovely conversion that transformed it into an Arbite riot truck. This further inspired me to eventually conjure up the effort to give them a shot. Today I started on a prototype model for an enforcer.