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How to make simple roads 1

How to make simple roads

In the next of my very infrequent series of making 40k gaming scenery, I’m going to cover how I’ve made a set of modular roads.  I should state at this point the ideas, construction and painting of these road tiles was a joint project with my Orky mate Jim so although I say ‘I’ a lot below, I really mean ‘we’ – thanks for all the help Jim.

There are various places you can get roads from if you prefer not to make them.  GW sell a roll of the stuff which may be very useful – I’ve not tried it.  An interesting alternative is the raised roads that Amera Plastic Mouldings have.

I’m aiming to make my roads on modular tiles so that they are easy to arrange in any configuration I like and it gives me a standard base size to work with for buildings and other bits of scenery I can slot in around the roads.

So, in best Blue Peter fashion, what do you need?

Creating Space Marine Legions: Thousand Sons – part 1 3

Creating Space Marine Legions: Thousand Sons – part 1

I’ve always been a fan of both Tzeentch and the Thousand Sons, originally through the seduction of Chaos in my earlier years, but more recently with the original legion. I’ve been itching for an excuse to build some pre-Heresy Thousand Sons for a while now, so here’s my first venture into the path of the sorceror!

The Thousand Sons are one of the most stylized legions, with highly ornate decorations on their armour and unique weaponry. Their concept is undeniably inspired by Egyptian architecture and mythology, adorned with iconography such as scarabs and khepesh-like blades.

Fortunately the Chaos Space Marine range provides plenty of options to meet these needs.

Creating pre-Heresy marines: Part 6b mark V Power Armour 3

Creating pre-Heresy marines: Part 6b mark V Power Armour

Continuing and concluding the pre-Herey power armour series, this is the second part of Creating pre-Heresy marines: mark V Power Armour.

You can view the first part of this tutorial here: part 1.

The second part of this tutorial shows how to make power cables for the thigh plates and a quick method of adding studs to the whole model.

Creating pre-Heresy marines: Part 6 – Mark V Power Armour 3

Creating pre-Heresy marines: Part 6 – Mark V Power Armour

Continuing the guides for producing pre-Heresy armour, concluding the series of armour marks we have Mark V. This is the most modern armour available for this period and is suitably named Heresy armour!

Components required for this tutorial:

A plain shoulder pad and a studded pad if you have one available. They’re hard to get hold of in bulk, so I will cover how to make your own later in the tutorial.

Creating Pre-Heresy Terminators – part 1 1

Creating Pre-Heresy Terminators – part 1

Pre-heresy Terminator armour, or Tactical Dreadnought Armour, varies extensively from modern suits in appearance. Not only does the generic armour have significant differences, but each Legion’s collection of suits is very stylised, perhaps moreso than their Power Armour.  Thanks to the vast selection of imagery, this allows us to be creative in our approaches.

There are a number of key differences compared to modern Terminator armour:

  • Helmet
  • Plumes
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Weaponry
Creating Krieg-pattern Skitarii Hypaspists 3

Creating Krieg-pattern Skitarii Hypaspists

Hypaspists or Tech-Guard are the infantry of the Cult/Adeptus Mechanicus. Upon my quest to create something a little more special, I finally settled upon using Krieg guardsmen as a base model using a simple conversion for the heads. I’ve tried making them from Bretonnian Men-at-arms, Empire Archers, Cadians and even Night Goblins, but I’m quite set on this pattern, albeit sparingly due to the cost!