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Recreating the old – Adeptus Arbites 3

Recreating the old – Adeptus Arbites

I’ve always wanted to work on an Adeptus Arbite force, but for some reason it never happened, standing aside for other projects. With the release of the new Ork battlewagon, I saw a lovely conversion that transformed it into an Arbite riot truck. This further inspired me to eventually conjure up the effort to give them a shot. Today I started on a prototype model for an enforcer.

CRUX-pattern Storm Raven tutorial 9

CRUX-pattern Storm Raven tutorial

patzgcrux has kindly allowed us to repost his Valkyrie-driven Storm Raven kitbash tutorial on MyWargame.

This tutorial was originally posted at Bell of Souls, I guess you can call this conversion the CRUX pattern BA Storm Raven.

How to make simple roads 1

How to make simple roads

In the next of my very infrequent series of making 40k gaming scenery, I’m going to cover how I’ve made a set of modular roads.  I should state at this point the ideas, construction and painting of these road tiles was a joint project with my Orky mate Jim so although I say ‘I’ a lot below, I really mean ‘we’ – thanks for all the help Jim.

There are various places you can get roads from if you prefer not to make them.  GW sell a roll of the stuff which may be very useful – I’ve not tried it.  An interesting alternative is the raised roads that Amera Plastic Mouldings have.

I’m aiming to make my roads on modular tiles so that they are easy to arrange in any configuration I like and it gives me a standard base size to work with for buildings and other bits of scenery I can slot in around the roads.

So, in best Blue Peter fashion, what do you need?

Painting metallic pre-Heresy Sons of Horus 2

Painting metallic pre-Heresy Sons of Horus

sohThe Luna Wolves, and their later incarnation as the Sons of Horus, are one of the First Founding Space Marine Legions who get a lot of attention from pre-Heresy fans. Despite this, there is little official material from GW by way of a guide to their appearance. As the Sons of Horus, we’ve got no officially-painted miniatures and a handful of textual and artistic references.

My inspiration comes from the illustration in the Index Astartes article and a handful of references to the armour being a ‘metallic sea green’ in colour. I should mention that I’ve since seen a handful of examples painted using a Vallejo colour which is a very close (non-metallic) match for the Index Astartes illustration and looks good, although the precise name of the colour escapes me. The Collected Visions art books depict them in various tones, from pale green through green-grey to a very dark, almost black grey tone. I suppose one way to look at this is it leaves a lot of freedom for us to interpret things our own ways.

Painting Space Marine Legions – Alpha Legion – part b 3

Painting Space Marine Legions – Alpha Legion – part b

Continuing from part A, this article concludes the guide for painting pre-Heresy Alpha Legion marines.

The model used for this tutorial was built in a previous tutorial:

Mark V power armour: Part A | Part B.

One of the risks of using PVA glue to create studs is that they can be easily rubbed off when handling the model. Inevitably some of the studs did rub off this model whislt painting, leaving some areas looking a little strange. A quick an easy way to resolve this, which also helps contribute to weathering the model, is to drill small holes where the studs should be. In the picture belows, I’ve drilled a hole in the helmet and shoulder pad where studs were rubbed off.