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Masters of Malifaux

Try as I might to link new players to guides and introductions, they always seem to ask a question I cannot quickly answer. So in an attempt to create a few guide articles, the first will be a catalogue of masters.

Before I delve in, I would like to bring your attention to a fantastic set of articles posted by GMorts. He is working his way through unboxing every Malifaux crew set and has written oodles of Malifaux tutorials.


Hobby Post : Painting Death Marshalls

Hi, Neil of Orange here,

After getting on with some fire painting in my last post I was in the mood to do some more.  I dug out my Malifaux Death Marshalls that have been patiently waiting for their moment on the painting table.  I say waiting on the table, but really these guys are precariously balanced and spent a lot of time tumbling on to the floor.  Transporting them is going to be fun I can already tell.


Wargaming on a budget – report for week 1-2

Last week I announced I have undertaken the challenge of sticking my wargaming to a budget. The basic idea is to ‘reward’ the playing of games by allowing a budget to that game (or army) towards or afterwards. This both encourages me to play games with what I have so that money spent is being made use of, and to invest in the games I play more frequently as a way of rewarding those I enjoy.  As it stands, I always spend more on games like 40k, but play many more games like ST:AW, on which I spend far less.


Hobby Post : Playing with Fire (and painting it)

Neil of Orange here with a hobby update.  I’ve been playing with various fire effects recently, for two different styles.

I did some internet research and found an excellent 2 part tutorial from, you can find Part 1 and Part 2  here.  I was planning a very traditional fire effect initially so this was perfect and I was even using Reaper minis too.  My Bones kickstarter bundle came with a huge fire elemental and I managed to find a second so I had a pair of the monsters to paint.  These chaps are destined for my Kings of War Forces of Nature army but I sadly wasn’t happy with the translucent red they came in.


Malifaux Hobby Post: Nightmares before Christmas

Neil of Orange here with a hobby update blog.

It’s been a busy December, with Deadzone turning up and several fun holiday events taking place.  As a result I don’t have a lot of painting to show off, although I am sporting a few lacerations from the crazy amount of miniature building I’ve been doing thanks the huge amount stuff I got in the Deadzone kickstarter!