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Sons of Horus – Age of Darkness – pledge 1

Before Christmas, “Super Edd” proposed the idea of a group escalation project – starting new armies, with monthly goals.  Having a backlog of miniatures to paint, I signed up. I had been waiting for Betrayal at Calth to acquire a load of Mk4 Marines to build up as Space Wolves, but the wait was sufficient enough to put me off them. As much as I liked my prototype Space Wolf, the idea of painting an army of grey did not appeal.


A return to old

6 years ago I was starting a new army – the Sons of Horus, a “pre-heresy” as we called it back then. I forget now, whether they came before of after my Salamanders – the colour didn’t change all that much. I think I didn’t even got so far as altering their pads, as they were never marked in the first place!


Horus Heresy Space Wolves – Mk4

Sometimes the best choice is the least likely. In avoiding picking a second legion from a big selection of favourites, I instead went for one of the least favourite, but with a challenge.

Legio VI – Space Wolves – The Sky Warriors of Russ

It took a little goading and an impulse borne of a challenge – do a legion you don’t like the look of. Make them into something you do like the look of.


Hobby Tip: Brass Crenelation

Whilst cutting symbols from the Iron Hands etched brass from Forgeworld, I noticed that two of the sprue bars were crenelated. This has to be intentional, but it surprised me that I hadn’t noticed sooner. The brass is a bit tough to cut, especially neatly, so removing all the branches from the crenelated strips is a bit tricky. A metal file is best used to smooth the edges after clipping and cutting.



August in reflection – Rusty Dice

It’s been a busy month! I could summarise every month with that quick statement, but I guess it’s a good thing.

This month (August), I managed to get back into the swing of 40k, with a 3-pronged attack. I ran a Kill Team tournament at Titan Games (and month-long event at my local club), jumped back into 30k gaming (eager for the Massacre book!) and successfully built and painted 600 points of Saim Hann Eldar for a doubles event. I’ve just returned from that event as I write this. I always say it… events motivate me. I get a lot of work done and then I feel infused with ideas and energy – eager to start the next project!