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The staff at MyWargame are always eager and willing to review new miniatures, models and bits, or even entire product ranges and games. We will always undertake the following stages in a review and tend to go a step further by showing how we used the product within our hobby and environment, rather than in its isolated form.

Contents of our miniature reviews

  • Contents in the product container, shown as provided and in stages of assembly
  • Quality review of parts – casting/sculpting detail
  • A stage-by-stage construction of the product, covering any tips or problems encountered
  • Final images of the product with and without other models from the same range
  • Scale shots of the product against competitor ranges
  • A follow-up post showing how we made use of the product after the review

We do not provide scores or ratings as we feel these are an individual opinion. Our reviews are honest and open, allowing the reader to decide their own rating. We will offer some words of advice or concern where relevant. The colour of language will likely highlight whether an aspect is poor or strong.

If you would like your product reviewed, we are always happy to receive items for free and sometimes we’re willing to pay for the product. Most of the items in our existing reviews are paid for or exchanged in trade – we tend to review what we buy for our own use, rather than actively ask for free stuff!

We will make our best efforts to market the review within our own reader base and social connections. All our reviewers are based in the UK (Staffordshire, West Midlands, Wiltshire) and attend various clubs, events and exhibitions, where further exposure is possible. We are all gamers and hobbyists, so your products will most certainly end up being used in our armies for games and thus be seen by other gamers and collectors.

Some example reviews on MyWargame.

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