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Oldhammer Beastmen

I’ve finally decided on an army to label “Oldhammer” and it’s one I’ve slowly collected classic models for over a long time. I’ve always liked Beastmen, but refrained from starting another army as Warhammer wasn’t being played locally. Now it is and I have the Oldhammer bug, so things happened.

Beastmen benefit from having models that sit together well, regardless of generation. I’m not using this as an excuse to use some modern models, but I will be employing some new sculpts on a basis of liking the model.

Sourcing the Jabberslythe? 4

Sourcing the Jabberslythe?

Today Games Workshop fully announced the release of the plastic Winged Nazgûl for their Lord of the Rings range. While a beautiful model in its own environment I cannot help but wonder where this model can see other uses.

The first idea to come to mind is the re-imagined Jabberslythe in the upcoming Warhammer Armies: Beastmen.  What is a Jabberslythe? The name and description confirm the obvious – the classic Jabberwork.

New Beastmen models preview 3

New Beastmen models preview

Images of the upcoming Beastman release have been floating around for a few days now. Games Workshop have lauched a poster displaying some of the new models. The responses I’ve seen on a few forums has been very negative. While I can understand some of the comments, I really think everyone should wait for official launch before making judgement.

All the following images are copyright Games Workshop. I believe they were originally uploaded by Waaagh_Gonads on Dakka Dakka.

Creating Beastmen Centaurs 8

Creating Beastmen Centaurs

As part of our club’s “Tale of” project and a due to long-term interest in Beastmen as a whole, I’ll be building a new army this year – Beastmen of course! The first unit I want to tackle are the Centigors. I don’t like the price or the fact that they have claws instead of hooves, so set out to make something more Centaur-like and at a cheaper price.