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Reaper Bones : Cthulhu review

Neil of Orange here with a miniature review.

What seems like an age ago now I backed the Reaper Bones kickstarter campaign and very recently I received a big box of goodies in the post.  Hopefully I’ll look at some of the other figures I got over time, but today we’re going to look at the iconic Cthulhu figure that was one of the add-ons I chose.



Sculpting Cthulhu

As part of my adventure into sculpting, I am trying my hand at different themes and sizes. I quickly found, as suspected, that working on larger pieces is much more forgiving, progressive and .. easier.

I have taken on a request to sculpt a small female human, but am finding the tiny limbs and details a pain to keep tidy and progress is slow due to the cure times. I’ve tried speeding up the putty cure time using a hot lamp, but tend to get distracted and the model turns dark brown from the heat, often bubbly from heat damage.