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Necron-centric Mechanicum – Allies

Previously, I mentioned I was looking at Codex: Necrons as a core army to field my Mechanicum. Here’s my pondering.

Before I look into the Codex, I looked at potential allies to see what other options are available:

Necrons are convenient allies with Chaos Space Marines, Tau, Grey Knights. They’re desperate with other Imperial forces. I will simply ignore desperate allies, as I’d rather the army work together in at least some co-operation. Convenient allies don’t get any negatives (but also get no benefits!).

A model a day – day 1 – Dark Mechanicum Menial 5

A model a day – day 1 – Dark Mechanicum Menial

With just 45 days to go until the Age of the Emperor campaign I really need to get on top of my painting and focus my dendrites. As a challenge, I am setting myself the task of painting at least 1 model a day towards the goal of having my force completed. That then works out at 45 models.

Starting small, I’ve begun by painting up my first menial. Menials are the most lowly servants of the Mechanicum, charged with basic labours and are very expendible. They provide little more than a distracting horde in game, but can be joined by combat ogryns for a bit more punch.

The majority of my menials are built up from spare goblin musicians from the Skull Pass starter set, but with the release of the new Skaven models I had to take a scalpel to them!

Creating Feral Servitors 2

Creating Feral Servitors

I am slowly amassing a Dark Mechanicus force for an upcoming campaign and as such have delved into all things heretical and forbidden. One of my favourite concepts from the Mechanicum book are the feral servitors – wild and dangerous versions of a Techmarine’s beloved helpers.

I’ve used the idea before with my Soulforge themed Daemons, put want to carry the idea with the Mechanicus. For the campaign there’s no unique unit for them, but rather than using normal servitors, whom lack any oomph in combat, I use the models as proxy Plaguebearers.