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Siege of Terra review 0

Siege of Terra review

Alas, the siege is over. The walls held strong against the relentless attacks of heretics. Many heroes were born and slain across two days of furious battle, fought across the torn Imperium.

A fun weekend was had by all, particularly the White Scars. They claimed strongest task force, holding off the combined might of World Eaters, Iron Warriors, Daemons and my own Dark Mechanicum for the weekend.

A model a day – day 18: Myrmidon Assault Walker 2

A model a day – day 18: Myrmidon Assault Walker

A model a day: day 16 ; Myrmidon Assault Walker.

I tried quite a few different builds for my Myrmidons before settling with this simple conversion. It’s a Defiler body cut short so that 2 of the leg ball joints are removed in-tact on a segment. That segment is simply glued onto the top of the abdomen, using the sockets for the arms.

This leaves a ghastly hole at the front of the model, but it is easily covered with plasticard and decorations. The circular section that the Defiler normally has a hatch in turne dout to be a great place to house the crewman -  a damned psycher – the model taken from a Penitent Engine.

I’m going to quickly explain how to achieve a very cheap and easy setup for taking pictures for your blogs in this article. I often use a light box, but a few pieces of card and a daylight lamp can suffice.

A model a day – day 16 – reload! 5

A model a day – day 16 – reload!

A model a day; day 16 – reload! This weekend has been very busy, so I’ve missed out on full model posts, but am instead posting a few work in progress shots of models for my Dark Mechanicum force.

A brand new Chimera is nearly done. The basic construction is the same as the previous conversion, but with some extras including spiked plates, pipes, shields and a servitor pilot. This will also be given a dozer blade.