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Wargame Acronyms 0

Wargame Acronyms

We live in a world of ever-increasing simplification and perhaps lethargy when it comes to communication. Why type out the words ‘Win at all costs’ when you can reduce it to WAAC and everyone still understands?

Well therein lies the problem – not everyone immediately knows your choice of abbreviations and acronyms. Should they make an effort to because you have chosen to speed up your dialog by using them? That’s your choice, but for those that do, here is a list to help get you along.

Forgetfulness 1


Last night I managed to lock myself out the house for 2 hours. Having your keys on you – picking them up every morning is something you do automatically and yet despite this in-built discilpline you manage to forget on occasion. This had me thinking about how often and easily things can be forgotten within a game by players. Why does it happen and how does this affect you?