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Kroot Wings? 2

Kroot Wings?

Kroot have beaks and are said to be descended from birds. Bird have feathers.

Equally, birds are said to have evolved from Dinosaurs, who may or may not have had big fluffy feathers.

The question I ask is: Should Kroot vultures (winged Kroot) have feathered or leathery wings? Tell me what you think.

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Deciding a paint scheme for Kroot 0

Deciding a paint scheme for Kroot

There’s a vast variety of colour schemes for Kroot. Being a highly adaptive race, they can quite easily change over time to suit new environments and enemies at the genetic level. Kroot are originally from a forest/jungle habitat, but have spread beyond this over time. Looking at the ‘official’ examples from Games Workshop and Forgeworld, there’s really no restriction to their colours.

Here are a few nice examples I have discovered:

Kroot and Airbrushes 0

Kroot and Airbrushes

After 2 years of working with the Dark Mechanicum, I have decided to pursue something entirely different. I am not bored of the Mech, but I want to keep my other ideas keen before I am fully consumed with making forbidden engines…

The next campaign weekend I intend to to commit to is a _normal_ 40k campaign at Maelstrom Games. Another Tempus Fugitives event – they must be doing something right!