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Legion of the Damned as Salamanders 1

Legion of the Damned as Salamanders

I decided to put my money where my mouth…was. I bought a Legion of the Damned marine yesterday and decided to kit him out for my pre-Heresy Salamanders. Multimeltas are hard to come by with only 1 per Devastator pack, so the choice of model was easy.

Reluctantly I didn’t make any changes to the model, but did use a different backpack. To fit with the rest of my Salamanders I made him my usual backpack build and kept the metal pack for another project.

Incoming! Legion of the Damned 3

Incoming! Legion of the Damned

Games Workshop have just revealed the long-awaited release of the new Legion of the Damned models. We’ve seen pictures of them from Games Day and waited eagerly. I think the sculpts are a fine addition to the range, particularly with some classic armour being incorporated into the models. Let’s take a look at each model from a pre-Heresy perspective.

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