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Vanguard: The Aftermath campaign

Exciting news at MyWargame, my wargaming club Aftermath has been chosen by Mantic to be part of the Your Club, Your Story initiative based around their skirmish game Vanguard.

I’m a big fan of Mantic’s Kings of War game and was really interested in the skirmish companion game when it was announced. I picked up the rulebook as soon as it was released and have been playing it on and off at home and at Aftermath, so when the Mantic sponsored opportunity was announced, I got the club’s permission to (enthusiastically) apply.


Kings of War: Kings and Legends

New this month from Mantic is the first supplement for their Kings of War rules set – KINGS AND LEGENDS.
a 48 page, Softback book, the supplement contains not only characters for each of the factions at war in Mantica, but also presents a new force: The Ogres.

The writing, by Allessio Cavatore (rules) and Andy Hoare (background) is well presented and clear. Each of the races gets at least two characters, with photos of the minis for each (or drawings where a miniature hasn’t yet been finished).