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Necron-centric Mechanicum – Allies

Previously, I mentioned I was looking at Codex: Necrons as a core army to field my Mechanicum. Here’s my pondering.

Before I look into the Codex, I looked at potential allies to see what other options are available:

Necrons are convenient allies with Chaos Space Marines, Tau, Grey Knights. They’re desperate with other Imperial forces. I will simply ignore desperate allies, as I’d rather the army work together in at least some co-operation. Convenient allies don’t get any negatives (but also get no benefits!).

Creating Krieg-pattern Skitarii Hypaspists 3

Creating Krieg-pattern Skitarii Hypaspists

Hypaspists or Tech-Guard are the infantry of the Cult/Adeptus Mechanicus. Upon my quest to create something a little more special, I finally settled upon using Krieg guardsmen as a base model using a simple conversion for the heads. I’ve tried making them from Bretonnian Men-at-arms, Empire Archers, Cadians and even Night Goblins, but I’m quite set on this pattern, albeit sparingly due to the cost!