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Product review: Maxmini – Giant Wolves 6

Product review: Maxmini – Giant Wolves

A little box arrived from Poland yesterday. Inside I found this: Maxmini‘s newly released Giant Wolf set. Here’s all the parts available:

  • Wolf body
  • 3 wolf head variants
  • Wolf leg
  • Rider legs
  • Wolf pelt


Note that you get 1 random head per purchase, selected from one of these 3. Maxmini are more than happy to provide the head of your choice if you include a note.


Product review: Maxmini – Feral Heads 1

Product review: Maxmini – Feral Heads

Hot off the anvil this week, the Polish mail swifty delivered us a pack of Maxmini’s newly released Feral heads. With the poll for next company to review clearly showing Maxmini as favourite, this review seemed inevitable.


Maxmini continue to produce highly detailed and well cast bits for all our custom model builds. The latest release from their ‘heads’ section are the Feral heads pack. Priced at almost £1 each they are quite a pricy investment for just a head, but as you will see below, the quality and scale of these heads perfectly complement your models and with minimal effort.

Battlebuild release new Leviathan terrain kit 1

Battlebuild release new Leviathan terrain kit

Battlebuild have released a new terrain kit for 28mm gaming, Leviathan, available from their ebay store. Undoubtedly suitable for Space Hulk and other indoor sci-fi scenarios!


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Hi there, I am pleased to announce the release of my latest ‘modular’ scenery range ‘Leviathan’,

In The Eternal Void Of Space. Nobody Can Hear You Gaming.

This excellent range of pieces allow you to construct detailed 28mm space-craft interiors in which to fight for the survival of humanity.