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Miniature companies, heed our call!

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With a few tutorials and reviews under our belt it’s time to add a little order to the chaos! Our intention with MyWargame has been to deliver a gamer’s perspective of our hobby from army conception to building and painting your models and finally playing with your forces and the metagame.

Product review: Outcast – Grizzled Heads 3

Product review: Outcast – Grizzled Heads

Welcome to the first MyWargame product review!

Hailing from a new company, Outcast Wargames, the Grizzled Squad Leader Heads set is a pack of 5 human heads suitable for 25-28mm miniatures. At a cost of £2.50, the 5 heads come to 50p each. This equates to 10-30p more than buying a plastic head from a bitz store but a good ~30p less than other custom stores such as Maxmini. For a selection of unique and varied heads it is easily justified, if only to break up the monotony of your troopers’ faces!