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A model a day – day 9 – Skitarii standard bearer 0

A model a day – day 9 – Skitarii standard bearer

A model a day; day 9: Skitarii Hypaspist standard bearer. What a mouthful!

Despite the name and obvious appearance, this chap will only be representing a basic Hypaspist or perhaps a squad leader. There’s no rules for standard bearers (or command units) in my Codex, but that won’t stop me adding some character to the army at every opportunity I can find.

Having to make and paint 24 Hypaspists is a daunting task, but I seem capable of churning one out from base coat in under 3 hours. I’ve tried to make the first few look more interesting than a simple las-gunner, but the great Krieg sculpts help towards this end a lot with the variety of poses within the grenadier squad (the basis of my conversion),

A model a day – day 7 and 8 – Sentinel 2

A model a day – day 7 and 8 – Sentinel

A model a day – 7 – Warden Sentinel.

This has been the hardest model to paint so far, but nothing to do with the model’s size. I hit a block early on when deciding exactly how to paint it! As such it’s hit a very generic look for the time being.

Hopefully I will revisit this later once I’ve done a few more vehicles and gained some new ideas. Suggestions welcome!

A model a day – day 6 – Protector 0

A model a day – day 6 – Protector

Day 6 of  ‘a model a day’; a Dark Mechanicus Protector. I went a little against the concept art with this model, in fact a whole squad. I put forth the idea of trainee Techmarines as my Protectors, swearing stronger oaths of fealty to the Omnissiah than their parent legions. With the Heresy in full swing for my army, these Techmarines serve the Mechanicus rather than returning home to their suspicious brethren.

The model is quite a mash of parts:

Chaos marine ackpack (trimmed)
Zhufor’s head
Iron Hands’ Thunderhammer
Las pistol converted from Bolt pistol
Dark Angel veteran legs
Space marine vehicle crew chest and shoulder pad

Model review – Scibor Celtic shoulder pads 7

Model review – Scibor Celtic shoulder pads

The Polska mail left me a nice little parcel from Scibor miniatures today. I had made an order that included some of their newly released shoulder pads.

I like the ornate design and shape of these pads, making them suitable for specialist warriors, either of the space marine variety or chaos warriors.

Take care when clipping them from the resin sprue as they can easily break. If you cut the main join, rather than the tempting side joins, you should safely remove the pad without breaking the model.

Path of the Traitor count down 1

Path of the Traitor count down

In just 3 days the Great Crusade team will be congregating at Warhammer World for a weekend of pre-Heresy gaming, both themed and freeform.

From The Path of the Traitor announcement:

You are all encouraged to bring your work-in-progress AOTE armies and play with the lists and rules you intend to use for the event in May – consider this a good chance to try out those new units and combos beforehand.

Painting Space Marine Legions – Alpha Legion – part b 3

Painting Space Marine Legions – Alpha Legion – part b

Continuing from part A, this article concludes the guide for painting pre-Heresy Alpha Legion marines.

The model used for this tutorial was built in a previous tutorial:

Mark V power armour: Part A | Part B.

One of the risks of using PVA glue to create studs is that they can be easily rubbed off when handling the model. Inevitably some of the studs did rub off this model whislt painting, leaving some areas looking a little strange. A quick an easy way to resolve this, which also helps contribute to weathering the model, is to drill small holes where the studs should be. In the picture belows, I’ve drilled a hole in the helmet and shoulder pad where studs were rubbed off.