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A model a day – day 6 – Protector 0

A model a day – day 6 – Protector

Day 6 of  ‘a model a day’; a Dark Mechanicus Protector. I went a little against the concept art with this model, in fact a whole squad. I put forth the idea of trainee Techmarines as my Protectors, swearing stronger oaths of fealty to the Omnissiah than their parent legions. With the Heresy in full swing for my army, these Techmarines serve the Mechanicus rather than returning home to their suspicious brethren.

The model is quite a mash of parts:

Chaos marine ackpack (trimmed)
Zhufor’s head
Iron Hands’ Thunderhammer
Las pistol converted from Bolt pistol
Dark Angel veteran legs
Space marine vehicle crew chest and shoulder pad