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Sons of Horus Justaerin 0

Sons of Horus Justaerin

Determined to maintain (read: not entirely repaint) my Sons of Horus, I have chosen to field them for my club’s upcoming 40k tournament.

I have deemed Codex: Space Wolves ideal to reflect their superiority over other legions. Grey Hunters contribute a strong, versatile core of astartes with a very flexible and characterful contingent of Wolf Guard to use as squad leaders and Justaerin Terminators. The options Wolf Guard have are ideal for fielding any combination of gear.

Painted Mark II Son of Horus 0

Painted Mark II Son of Horus

The model created in the Mark II power armour series and bolter created in this tutorial have have received a brush licking to join the ranks of my Sons of Horus. I’ve changed the arms and stance a little from the model shown in the tutorial. A tutorial for doing the base is also available here.