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Official Storm Raven 5

Official Storm Raven

So, for whatever reason, GW ‘accidently’ showed us their official Storm Raven model. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the image:

Suffice to say, responses have been quite unfairly negative. We can only see the model from a single angle and it is partially obscured, so a proper judgement cannot be made yet.

Hot stuff – Painting the Storm Raven 6

Hot stuff – Painting the Storm Raven

The red blob known as my Storm Hawk finally got some treatment this weekend.

I’ve trawled the Internets for guides or examples of heat damage for aircraft with no joy. NASA craft are built in such a way (and expense) that atmospheric re-entry does not leave them in the mess that I intend to portray with my bird.

Building a Storm Raven – part 4 4

Building a Storm Raven – part 4

I ordered spare Autocannons from a Bits site and they thankfully arrived today, allowing me to post up some completed shots of the model.

Please note that this model’s armaments do not relfect the Storm Raven I Codex: Blood Angels. While I have built the model to be a Raven, my personal intention for it is a Storm Hawk for my Mechanicum army. This is a cutom unit for a special campaign.

Building a Storm Raven-part 3 5

Building a Storm Raven-part 3

The show must go on! I’m really fighting the urge to say the model is ‘good enough’ and get it painted, especially with looming deadlines for the army, but the more time I spend on the model, the happier I am with the build.

Today I looked into the tail and adding extra wing mounts onto the engines. Here’s my train of thought:

I really want to make use of the eagle shape from this Cities of Death piece.

Building a Storm Raven-part 2 5

Building a Storm Raven-part 2

A small update for this time-eating project!

I decided to take an easy way out of doing the Dreadnought grapples – they’re inside the ship!

Making use of a Spare Drop Pod door I ordered a while back (I’ll make a seer of me yet!), I stole the hinges to make the back of the ship look like doors. You could equally use the spaer bit of casing cut out of the engines.