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New Warhammer Wood Elf Models

Well well, hot off my indifference at the new Wood Elf treeman models, I am knocked back by the quality of the new infantry and cavalry releases. Check out this selection of new models coming for the Wood Elves soon. It looks like just 2 boxes, with a choice of two units for each kit.

Wood Elf cavalry box:







Wood Elf infantry box:1535433_542232512554792_5370894826924281123_n


What new devilry is this? – Spawning the Hellpit Abomination 4

What new devilry is this? – Spawning the Hellpit Abomination

Foremost among the new toys available for the hordes of Skaven this year was the Hellpit Abomination.

Created by Clan Moulders most talented things catcher, Throt the Unclean, the Abomination is described as “A living mountain of misshapen flesh”.
Throt captured a blind wyrm whilst travelling throughout the Chaos wastes, and sutured Rat Ogre parts to create this monstrosity.

Modelling the masses – New plastic Skaven 2

Modelling the masses – New plastic Skaven

Neil has done a great job in the last couple of weeks, really holding the torch alone for Warhammer Fantasy on this new venture. Lets face it, is a mainly warhammer 30,000 affair at the moment.
We’ve seen the evolution of the humble Clanrat, from Warhammer Fantasy Regiments, through the monkey years, to present day. Neil has covered the tactical and theme options of the new Skaven book in great detail.