Introducing: Kabuki Models

Kabuki models was founded last year in Italy by a group of friends, including a wargaming fanatic and a comic artist. Their original intention was to create a storyline, evolving characters and concepts from ideas that have been in development for almost 10 years. With hopes of a miniature range, skirmish-sized game, comic strips and other merchandise, they set upon fleshing out their plans and the company.

Kabuki's Lunah model, painted by Banshee

Kabuki's Lunah model, painted by Banshee

Boasting an already impressive catalogue of miniatures around the 38mm range, Kabuki have made strides in progress. With the growing success of their products, they recently launched their website. A working game environment is rumoured to be in development to support their Dark Messiah range and in the future they aim to enrich the background of the characters behind each of the models, with graphic novels and comics.

The custom modelers amongst you should also be excited to know that a bits range is expected to open within a year, offering us all the likes of bases, pads, heads, weapons and such!

Then there is also the 21st Century Pin-ups line, most of which are fantasy or very loosely historic based. However, there will be some sci-fi ladies soon.

Having spoken to a company partner, I am happy to say that the public response for these models has been ‘really positive’, but the models and company could use everyone’s help in getting seen. Please visit the site and show your friends as it would be a shame to have such lovingly crafted models go unnoticed!

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