Legion of the Damned as Salamanders

I decided to put my money where my mouth…was. I bought a Legion of the Damned marine yesterday and decided to kit him out for my pre-Heresy Salamanders. Multimeltas are hard to come by with only 1 per Devastator pack, so the choice of model was easy.

Reluctantly I didn’t make any changes to the model, but did use a different backpack. To fit with the rest of my Salamanders I made him my usual backpack build and kept the metal pack for another project.

Here’s how I paint my pre-Heresy Salamanders

The base coat is Knarloc Green. It’s almost spot on for their pre-Heresy armour colour and is a great base coat as it’s foundation paint. The gun is done in Granite, but can equally be painted black.

All the armour areas receive a wash of Devlan Mud.This really sets a good shade for the green.

Blocking out base colours as follows:

Knarloc green again on armour plates
Tausept Ochre for the flames

Further base colours added:

Snakebite Leather for the bones – intended to be gold
Mechrite red for the eyes
Khemri Brown for the skulls – intended to be bone
Boltgun metal for all metals
Calthan Brown for the pouch
Dheneb Stone for the parchments

Shading with washes as follows:

Devlan Mud for the browns
Ogryn Flesh for the Parchments
Badab Black for the silver metal

Highlighting stage 1:

Drybrush Shining Gold onto the bones
Khemri Brown for the skulls
Iyanden Darksun for the flames
Blood Red for the eyes
Dheneb Stone for the parchments

Painting the flames:

Mix in Sunburst Yellow with Iyanden and paint the whole bottom half of the flames.

Then add Blazing Orange to this mix and paint the flames from the top down. Paint less area with each step, adding further amounts of Blazing Orange and then Blood Red. Finish the tips with pure Blood Red.

The flames are complete. Perhaps a little too orange in the mid-stage.

Look out for part 2 to see the finished model!

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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  1. Looking good, I have to admit I wasn’t convinced at the start but it looks good so far!

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