Age of the Emperor – Warmaster pack 1.1 arrives!

The long-anticipated Siege of Terror campaign packs have started to be updated by the Tempus Fugitives for the Age of the Emperor series. With Warmaster 1.1 now out, there are promises of releases for all the packs.

You can access the pack at: Armies of the Warmaster Pack

This update includes previews of several warzones, including:

  • Caliban (Dark Angels civil war)
  • Chondax (Space Wolves,  Alpha Legion, Orks)
  • Es-Thea (Ultramarines, Thousand Sons, Iyanden Eldar)
  • Molech (Isstvan veterans, Martian mechanicum, Chaos Daemons)
  • Sangraal (Imperial Fists, Word Bearers, Night Lords)
  • Yarant (Blood Angels, Sons of Horus, Martian Mechanicum)
  • Terra (White Scars, Imperial Fists, Death Guard, Emperor’s Children, World Eaters)

Upon Terra, three objectives have been identified:

  1. Eternity Wall
  2. Ultima Gate
  3. Lionis Spaceport

There’s no further information on these objectives, but it would be ncie to think we’ll be making use of some interesting terrain!

Many of the army lists have been updated – too many changes to list. Check out the pack for full details and look out for further releases!

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