New White Dwarf – not to be missed?

I’m so impressed with April’s WD (that I as a subscriber I got today) I wanted to do a quick post on it.

Copyright Games Workshop 2010

Its unsurprisingly full of Blood Angels articles, but for most readers of this site that should be an excellent reason to get a copy.  Not only is all the new BA stuff  discussed and shown at length but also the Death company and the Sanguinary guard sprues are treated to an in depth review.  There’s modelling articles on using the new parts on all sorts of figures as well that really shows how nice the new additions to bitz sites near you will work.  The painting articles are also BA themed, showing tips on painting red and black armour (some of the photos might be in the wrong order…) and a excellent masterclass in painting non-metallic gold, like on our angelic buddy in the photo above.

There’s other faire in the WD, but to be honest I’m still dizzy from wondering how you shade reflections…

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