A model a day – day 2 – Dark Mechanicus Combat Ogryn

The challenge continues! Yesterday I painted the first menial for my Dark Mechanicus force. This unit of menials, from the Tempus Fugitives Mechanicus codex, can be up to 30 models strong, with up to 10 of them upgradable to Combat Ogryns – COGs.

Adding to this unit today, here’s a COG in all his imrpovised glory, wielding a pole torn from the floor – a great model from ForgeWorld’s renegade guard series. I would love to include the whole 10 COGs in my menial unit, but the cost of these models is far too much for their points value.

I haven’t made any modifications to the model, but left off the small canisters that attach to the pipes on his back. I have another use for those and prefer the COG to look depraved and battle-worn.

My undercoat, unsurprisingly, is Charadin Granite followed by a wash of Devlan Mud. I love having this dark, charcoal looking bascoat to work on.

The recipe for the metal is inspired by rev from Warseer. First paint all metal areas Tin Bitz and then wash with Devlan Mud.

Then drybrush the metal with Dwarf Bronze, followed by Shining Gold.

Finally, drybrush the metals with Chainmail.

The base colours for the rest of the model are as follows:

Skin – Dheneb Stone
Hood – Dark Flesh
Leather belts and boots – Chaos Black
Clothes – various browns from the Vallejo Model Color range (145, 147, 150)
Most of the model (excluding the metallics) was washed again with Devlan Mud, the skin with Asuryan Blue.

The colours were brought back up with the base paints, a little Oche added to Dark Flesh for final highlights on the hood.

The brickwork is Charadin Granite, drybrushed with Adeptus Battlegrey, then Dheneb Stone anfinished with a selective wash of Devlan Mud.

Like the menial, I added a rough skull to the hood with a sponge to show his allegiance to Legio Mortis!

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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3 Responses

  1. hashshashin says:

    Awesome looks great, I am doing a traitor guard army and wanted to include a Dark Mech Priest in the army I have the ForgeWorld Titan Tech Priest, but I haven’t read any description of Dark Mech guys, I like your approach to their freakish followers but what’s understanding/ideas about what the Priests would look like

  2. Max says:

    I think I need a tetanus shot now. Good job.

  3. Rusty Dice says:

    I shall be visiting at least 1 priest within this crazy project, so stay tuned.

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