New poll – Which Primarch should MyWargame make?

Last month you concluded I should build a Primarch as a step-by-step big gribbly guide. It was inevitable I suppose with the larger portion of visitors coming from pre-Heresy Warhammer sources.

However, now you need to tell me which Primarch I should make. If you want to do me a big favour I plan to start an Iron Hands force for September’s campaigns. Hence, Ferrus Manus would be a nice project for me to do!

Regardless, the decision is in your hands, so head over to the right of your screen and poll your choice(s).

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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9 Responses

  1. Magos Explorator says:

    Tough call! Ferrus got one of my votes… it’d be good to do one of the less-seen Primarchs like him.

  2. I thought Ferrus Mannus was wonderfully tragic in Fulgrim, so he gets my vote. I’d love to see a model that can use both the hammer and the sword optionally!

  3. Tristan says:

    Just do Ferrus, but I agree you should magnetize all the options.

  4. Preheresypirate says:

    Well so far the “primarchs” that we have seen from multiple non gw produtions include 4 different emperors, evil terminator horus, rare weapon option evil terminator horus,2 different sanguinius, 2 different leman russ, corax, magnus(huge), mortarion, 2 different angrons, jaghatai khan, 2 different fulgrims, vulkan, lion el jonson, konrad curze, peturabo, and roboute gulliman ( with weapon options) also have heard of a ‘blue’ knight coming out very soon. That leaves so far no love for Rogal Dorn, Alpharius Omegon, Lorgar and Ferrus Mannus so please please be it one of these that you make.

  5. Preheresypirate says:

    Awww just make em all……………..

  6. Rusty Dice says:

    So many trees, so little time!

  7. Lordmonkey says:

    Bring us pints of beer!

    Make Night Haunter before his legion found him. Batman? 🙂

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