A model a day – day 9 – Skitarii standard bearer

A model a day; day 9: Skitarii Hypaspist standard bearer. What a mouthful!

Despite the name and obvious appearance, this chap will only be representing a basic Hypaspist or perhaps a squad leader. There’s no rules for standard bearers (or command units) in my Codex, but that won’t stop me adding some character to the army at every opportunity I can find.

Having to make and paint 24 Hypaspists is a daunting task, but I seem capable of churning one out from base coat in under 3 hours. I’ve tried to make the first few look more interesting than a simple las-gunner, but the great Krieg sculpts help towards this end a lot with the variety of poses within the grenadier squad (the basis of my conversion),

The right arm is from the rogue guardsmen that Forgeworld produce. His right arm is actually from an Empire archer, with greestuff armour plates.

The base model was undercoated in Charadin Granite and washed in Devlan Mud.

The armour plates are brushed Adeptus Battlegrey and the robes painted Dark Flesh. All metallics are coated in Boltgun Metal.

Boltgun Metal was used to painted a weathered highlight on the edges of the armour and then the whole plate was shaded with Asuryan Blue. The skulls were base coated Khemri Brown, the Papers in Dheneb Stone and Chaos Icon with Tin Bitz, drybrushed Dwarf Bronze and Shining Gold.

The skulls were washed in Gryphonne Sepia and highlighted Dheneb Stone and then a 1:1 mix of Dheneb and Skull White. The papers were also highlighted Skull white and text added with licks of Chaos Black. The icon was washed in Dheneb Stone and given a final highlight of Boltgun Metal.

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