A model a day – day 12 – Greater Brass Scorpion

A model a day; day 12 – Greater Brass Scorpion. This thing is huge and unsurprisingly not very quick to paint. I’ve toyed with various colour ideas, but settled with a dark, ancient brass.

The bulk of the flat armour will be black to fit my other walkers, but I wanted to make it look more like it has been burnt. A mixture of Chaos Black, black weathering powder and Charadin granite formed a very lumpy basecoat, with a few washes of Badab Black to push the colour all the way down to very matt black.

The rim of the armour plates started with a 2:1 mix of P3 Platinum and Vallejo Brass. The brass was washed in thinned Devlan Mud and then Vedris added using Hawk Turquoise.

The outer sides of the model a pretty much covered in the same design of plates, so the above method is repeated on the armour. Once I’m happy with all surfaces to the same level I will ponder some freehand designs on some of the plates – perhaps skulls.

Though not a vibrant tone of brass, the presence of vedris on the armour rims should hopefully portray the ancient brass appearanc of this machine.

Suffice to say, the metallic pigment in the paint still catches the light nicely!

But alas, one day is not enough to do this monster justice. Further nights shall see this daemon summoned forth!

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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  1. Mark Mercer says:

    Really liking the paint job, though always preffered the Defiler conversion tbh. The armour on this is just too smooth.

    Btw – how big is this thing compared to a Land Raider?

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