A model a day – day 13 – Menials and Hypaspist

A model a day; day 13 – Menials and Hypaspist. A little bolstering of numbers today, bringing both a Hypaspist unit and the Menials up to 3 models each. I figured the more I get painted at a time, the quicker these core troop units will be out the way for more unique projects.

A quick guide the the painting process – I’ve covered both types of model individually before so this is nothing new today!

Base coat is Charadin Granite, Tin Bitz for the metals.

Dwarf Bronze and Shining Gold is drybrushed onto the metals and Dark Flesh painted on the coat / hoods.

The whole model is washed as all parts are at a stage requiring Devlan Mud now.

Other colours blocked in: Dheneb Stone for flesh, Adeptus Battlegrey for armour, brown trousers and wood, black leathers and boots. The armour is edges with flicks of P3 platinum and light areas of blue wash.

Finishing touches include Dark Flesh back onto the raised areas of coat and hoods, blue wash on the skin, followed by a highlight of Dheneb Stone. All browns are washed in Devlan Mud.

Here are the new additions in their respective squads.

Skitarii Hypaspists:


Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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