A model a day – Siege of Terra targets – Invasion list

The project has been quite successful so far. At first it felt like hard work to do one model a day. Sure, a single model can be done in a couple of hours, but the struggle is finding the time every day for it. If I was cunning, I could paint a few one day and save the posts for busier days, but that breaks my momentum and looking back I’ve found it fun doing at least some painting every day.

As I’ve shown more than once now, some models cannot be done in a day. Large models like vehicles and the Brass Scorpion are very time consuming jobs and I do not want to rush them to simply meet the quota, especially as I can easily make up the numbers with infantry models. The problem now is one of repetition. I have 22 Hypaspists to paint, but wouldn’t want to blog every model, hence the Feral Servitor horde were bundled into a single post last weekend. I’m fast running out of unique models to justify a post.

More importantly, I now need to take a look at the schedule to ensure everything in the army will be ready after the 45 days. To that end I will be posting up the lists I intend to take to the Siege of Terra campaign and hopefully outlining when each model will be done by. Everything will be painted!

Starting with the smallest list, this force is for the Invasion mission. An Elite-centric army list that has to fight over 2 objectives. My force is likely to face Terminators, Honour guard and Primarchs. Without my own godlike assault units, I look to the Omnissiah for great machines and weaponry…. and a lot of luck.

Athena, sister of Cydonia
120 points

8 Plaguebearers
Counts-as Feral Servitors
125 points

2 Skitarii Hypaspist maniples
(each being 11 Hypaspists plus Tribune)
Each maniple has 2 Meltaguns, Melta bombs for Tribune
135 points each

2 Cataphract Chimeras
Dozer blades
85 points each

Myrmidon Assault Walker
– Magnus variant
155 points

Cataphract Chimera
Nova Cannon
Conversion Beamer
155 points

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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  1. Mark says:

    Don’t sweat running out of unique models; the odd group shot and WIP shot is fine too. You do good work, man.

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