A model a day – day 14 – Robotic Bloodletters

A model a day; day 14 – Robotic Bloodletters. The concept behind these models was inspired by Soulgrinders. Daemons that serve the Forge of Souls with aspirations to gain physical construct bodies in the mortal realm. Inhabiting such bodies helps maintain them outside the warp almost indefinitely, making the daemons a greater force in battle. For the Dark mechanicum this is a useful bargaining tool, offering technology for the service of daemons.

The model is a mix up of Necron and Bloodletter parts. Each daemon having different robotic replacements.

The base colours for the model are all foundation paints. Mechrite red for the skin, Khemri brown for the horns and nails. The metallics were the usual Tin Bits > Dwarf Bronze > Shining Gold and finally P3 Platinum.

The red and brown were washed with Devlan Mud.

Then the horns and nails were highlighted with Dheneb Stone. The red flesh washed again with Baal Red. The tongue is simply Hormagant Purple washed with blue.

I originally rebuilt one of the legs to suit the daemon’s bone structure, but it’s very time consuming and doesn’t promote the idea that the robot parts are loot and gifts, rather than purpose built.

Here’s a whole squad!

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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4 Responses

  1. Rush says:

    That’s really neat!

  2. fester says:

    Really awesome idea! I have been wondering ho make my lesser daemons different – I think we have an answer.

  3. Spy_Smasher says:

    I have thought, for a while now, that by far the best 40K demon models have been their demon engines and wished that GW or FW had made lesser mech-demons. It has been my intention, if I ever get around to a Demon or CSM army to model my demons as mech-demons! And here you’ve gone and done it before me! And to a really high standard too! They look great.

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