Review – Ramshackle: Gilgamesh, Tahir, Pontius, Asclepius

I recently placed an order with Ramshackle Games as I was informed they are running a promotion with a free model. Previously I’ve ordered machine parts from them for use in conversions, but have been looking for an excuse to get hold of some of their other models.

Having a quick ponder through the new models since my last visit I came across a selection of augmented folk who would feel right at home amongst a Mechanicus force, modified or not.

Quite amazingly, these models cost a mere £1.50-£2.50 each!

For now, here’s are some fresh scale shots of each of the models.

Asclepius – this model shouts Praetorian to me. A highly augmented menial mounted on a tracked lower body.

Cost: £2.50

The model is big enough to stand in as an improved menial, but perhaps a little frail to be a full on combat Praetorian.

Tahir -a very characterful model that could stand in for a secutor or tech adept.

Cost: £1.50

Pontius – combat servitor, secutor – ths model could be adapted to various roles.

Cost: £2.50

Gilgamesh – huge! Robot, combat servitor, Pratorian lord? Anything short of a Venatorcould have its boots filled by this model.

Cost: £2.50! Incredible value for money.

A group shot of all 4 models.

Feel free to post some ideas for these guys. I fully intend to integrate them into my Ad-mech and will post my conclusions here.

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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    […] I will most likely attempt something similar with the other Ramshackle models shown here. […]

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