A model a day – day 15: Tech adept Pontius

A model a day; day 15 – Tech adept Pontius.

This model was very much a spur of the moment idea. No prior planning was involved. I got the model from Ramshackle this week, marvelled at how much it could fit into Ad-mech armies and… put my brush where my mouth was.

I wanted to make some changes to the model to make it fit in with the usual IP trap and flow with the look of my army. A few minor changes really changed the whole feel of the model in the end, so I am quite pleased with the result.

I will most likely attempt something similar with the other Ramshackle models shown here.

Here’s Pontius as displayed by Ramshackle games:

My adjustments:

  • Dendrites replacing his right hand.
  • Necron skull for face.
  • Brass cog on shoulder.
  • Necro gausee rifle end attached to the weapon arm.
  • Cables running from the head to backpack.
  • Sculpted hood.

  • A borrowed backpack from a traitor guard tank commander.

After base coating, I got all the metallics out the way with my usual process of Tin Bitz drybrushed with Dwarf Bronze and Shining Gold. The robes were base coated Dark Flesh. The whole model was then washed with Devlan Mud.

The metallics were fine highlighted with P3 Platinum, some areas first being painted black. I painted a Mechanicus pattern around the hood using Astronomican Blue, highlited white.

The hazard stripes are Charadin Granite and Tausept Ochre, both washed in Devlan Mud. The black was lowlighted with Chaos Black, the yellow with Iyanden Darksun.

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