Pre-Heresy Top Ten #1

Every week I hope to bring you a selection of links to other pre-heresy blogs, releases and news from the growing community. This is intended to be scheduled for Wednesdays, but I finally decided to give the feature life this morning. Wednesday is my ‘day of gaming’, so I don’t get to spend any time painting in the evening – hence the increasing lack of  ‘a model a day’ on Wednesdays.

This is also in tribute to Ryan of On the Painting Table, who cross-posts his own Top 10 on From the Warp. I don’t intend to step on his toes, but rather run this with a pre-Heresy spin.

So, introductions aside, here are this week’s top 10 pre-Heresy picks:

  1. Making pre-Heresy leg armour for Terminators – by Ron @ From the Warp
  2. Rylanor, Emperor’s Children Dreadnought – by Dave Taylor
  3. Techpriests, Engineseers, and Adepts – by Musings of a metal mind
  4. Modular Ad-mech tanks – by Musings of a metal mind
  5. Saving Brother Ryan – Imperial Fist objective – by Big Will
  6. Truescale Astartes – by the Team Fisto
  7. Weathering tanks – by Venerable
  8. Warlords! – by Delete from Imperial records
  9. *Storm Raven – by Spikey bits
  10. *Storm Raven – by paulson games

* I’ve included a couple of Storm Raven blogs here as this exciting new unit has become available in the latest Age of the Emperor pack in a sibling form. I intend to build my own for the Mechanicum very soon! These conversions are brilliant.

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