A model a day – day 17: Menial work

A model a day; day 17 – more Menials!

I’ve added two new menials to the squad now. This brings the total to 5 plus 1 Combat Ogryn. The target is 30, including 3+ COGs. Do I have enough models and sanity to do that? We shall see.

A guide for the colours used on my Menials can be found here.

Here are the two critters, previewed yesterday:

A shot of the menials together:

Progress of the squad as a whole:

Amongst friends:

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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  1. bad moon on a full moon says:

    really good looking models rusty. i especially like the spiky menial with the laspistol, because the size of it compared to his body makes the menial look even more diminutive

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