Rusty Dice is back!

After an intensive 6 month drive into the pre-heresy hobby, I had taken a long overdue break, coupled with some personal issues that I shall not bore you with.

I have re-found my gaming mojo and intend to get back up to speed, particularly with the dawn of 8th edition Warhammer next month. The next Age of the Emperor event is also on the horizon and my ticket is paid for. The dedication of buying into this early should hopefully provide me the motivation to fix up my next army. This leads onto the post title:

74 days remain until the Great Scouring. Quite out of character, I have chosen to take the same codex as before, Dark Mechanicum. However, Helbor Hal and I have some unfinished business, there’s a lot of new models I intend to build.

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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