Sons of Horus Justaerin

Determined to maintain (read: not entirely repaint) my Sons of Horus, I have chosen to field them for my club’s upcoming 40k tournament.

I have deemed Codex: Space Wolves ideal to reflect their superiority over other legions. Grey Hunters contribute a strong, versatile core of astartes with a very flexible and characterful contingent of Wolf Guard to use as squad leaders and Justaerin Terminators. The options Wolf Guard have are ideal for fielding any combination of gear.

For some reason I have never been happy with my pre-Heresy Terminator builds. I’ve tried the Dreadnought shin-pad method for shoulders, but found them to be too large for my tastes. Fortunately, Maxmini have provided us with a nice selection of Cataphract-styled pads to use and so I felt obliged to try them out.

Note: This is actually an Assault Cannon. There’s shifting arguments on the legality of their presence pre-Heresy, but mostly I haven’t got round to converting it yet. For the tournament it may well stay as an Assault cannon for WYSIWYG argument.

I’ve tried to portray an Imperial (read: Roman) look to the Justaerin, with plumed tops placed on the top armour (for aesthetics more than reducing mobility) and the lovely pleated shoulder pads. Unfortunately I didn’t order enough of this pad design to cover all, but it can be cumbersome or impossible to fit on various poses.

This model has often stood in as Falkus Kibre, mostly because of his more commanding presence.

The best addition to these models was the release of the new Space Wolf Terminators. There’s a lot of ornate weaponry and armour in the kit that allows you to make a very personalised set of marines. Being former (Luna) Wolves, I didn’t need to remove all Space Wolf iconography.

Chaos Terminators/Lord parts are always handy for that extra spiky claw or weapon.

As for their leader, or in this case, Wolf Lord… Ezekiel Abaddon himself shall be dominating the field. I’ve taken a Chaos Lord body, plugged in subtle height increases and made best use of several kits to liken him to the pre-Heresy artwork. The large wolf pelt from the Space Wolf kit is perfect for him.

Being mostly black undercoated, the images don’t show the models in their fully glory yet. I hope to get some paint on the models very soon to bring them into their own.

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