Forge World Horus Heresy theories quashed

Following the sneak preview of a Mark V Heresy marine helmet from Forge World, theories and rumours spread like wildfire. Could the filename ‘nl’ mean Night Lords? or simply News letter? We’ve had some hints of a possible Badab War project, but otherwise very little information to work with.

…Until now.

Revealing another helmet, Forge World clearly stated the project is set in the 41st millenium. So no Horus Heresy for us! However, the models alone are what we have been begging for and they look afntastic so far!

Last week’s MkV ‘Heresy’ pattern power armour helmet has clearly piqued many peoples’ interest. We have been inundated with e-mails and telephone calls, all seeking more details about this Top Secret project – it’s still under lock and key, but our agents have managed to obtain another exclusive work-in-progress glimpse of some of the many forthcoming Space Marine releases that our talented Studio team are working on. Many boffins died to bring us thi

I  would be lying if I said I was disappointed that the models are not for an official 30k-era project because I have so much fun converting and designing. To have everything given on a plate would likely sour my appetite.

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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