Mechanicus Termite – part 2

The ‘boring machines’ are nearing completion. I’ve been asked to show some scale shots of the model, so here’s a quick selection against other models.

First up, accompanied by its occupants, some Skitarii Hypaspists:

The termite stood next to a drop pod:

To beak up the monotony of metals on the drill, I painted Badab Black into the recesses between eash metal component. The tips were brought out with a pure Mithril Silver highlight to portray a fresh sheen fom grinding rock.

The rubble around the base of the drill was drybrushed Astronomican Grey and then Dheneb Stone, with some dead grass flock added to the edges.

My original plan was to include 3 Termites, containing 3 squads of 12 Hypaspists. Since starting to paint the next 2, I am tempted to add a fourt squad to the army as they’re quick and fun to paint – and far cheaper than alternative transports!

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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3 Responses

  1. Border Prince says:

    Thanks for those scale shots, they’re really helpful and much appreciated. Looks like my Deathwatch squad will be rising from the depths, rather than descending from the heavens!

  2. Charles Burton says:

    What drill model is this?!

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