Dark Mechanicus clash with World Eaters

When we plan Pre-Heresy meetings, things tend to get very serious. Weapons are drawn, curses are spat, cake is devoured.

A chance encounter took place between supposed allied forces of the World Eaters and Mechanicum forces this Sunday, concluding in a sound thrashing of Angron’s finest at the hands of a very adept assassin.

Scout bikers speed behind Mechanicus lines to take down a deadly Myrmidon walker

A lone Rhino breaks an otherwise the empty horizon

After surprising the Scout bikers, the Hypasists take advantage of a nearby Chimera transport

The scouts are beaten at their own game, surprised by Athena, the Mechanicus Assassin

Angered by the death of the scouts, a full Tactical squad and commander launch into action

Eager to meet the enemy head on, the Hypaspists redeploy to face the World Eaters

Another squad of Hypaspists deploy to take down the enemy Devastators, unaware of the hidden scouts

Sustained fire from superior technology makes short work of the Astartes

A late appearance by the Devourers is met with disaster, as the Sonic cannon from the Myrmidon and Athena's Plasma gun make short work of their armour

The remaining Myrmidon stands victorious over the battlefield, relishing in its carnage

Rejoining the main battleforce, the Mechanicum mark onto war

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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