Pre-Heresy Top Ten # 7

  1. Actual scale Space marine tutorial – by Master of the Forge
  2. Sculpted Legion – by Doghouse
  3. Blood Angels – by Aleks
  4. Thousand Sons – by rev
  5. Fellblade – by Machinator
  6. Space Wolves – by LordKhaine
  7. Death Guard Drop Pods – by Big Red
  8. Sculpting chapter badges (Alpha Legion) – by Master of the Forge
  9. Games Day Baltimore coverage – by SpikyBits
  10. Pre-Heresy armour wishes are met! – by Forgeworld

While the top ten is slowing down (this is hard work, finding new material on a regular basis!), August has been a brilliant month for new products and I anticipate many new armies being started thanks to the Forgeworld releases.

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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  1. Bigwill says:

    I think it may get easier the longer the new FW bits are out.
    Keep an eye out on my blog,many many Pre-heresy/Rogue Trader minis to come.

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