Reinventing the steel – Iron Hands Captain

My foray into the new Forgeworld retro armour kits has been one of experimentation and unusual results. Until now, I’ve not been too strict about the components I match up for a marine figure, but I’ve challenged myself to try and maintain the look of each model as a set suit of armour as far as possible.

Rather than simply assemble the new kits, I’m spreading the out amongst other offerings – notably the metal Iron Hands kit, my ‘spare’ Death Guard resin, various metal characters and anything else I have in my bits box.

The first test piece was an Iron Hand tactical marine using a Death Guard torso and Iron Hands legs. This worked nicely, giving a very distinct look thorugh the helmet, whilst stepping away from the Death Guard appearance through colour and a lesser degree of attrition and decay.

Next, I was inspired by the Rogue Trader art for Apothecaries – again the for Iron Hands (as they’re my currecnt project). I’ve tried to maintain the colours used in the Comperndium, whilst backdating the armour to Mk II.

The difficulty with this torso is making the chest look a little weathered, from being very tattered and broken. A lot of cutting and a little resculpting was required.

Further experiments have had mixed success. The Mk 2 marines seem a little shorter than regular plastics when sat side by side, but ed up looking quiite awkward when paired with slightly larger pieces – such as the Iron Hands legs:

Quite a few of the Death Guard torsos are Mk IV / V, so I opted for normal plastics to compliment. A quick knee cap edit on the kneeling legs in this case:

So, where is this elusive Iron Captain? I got hold of the Tank Commander Chronus for his excellent sample of retro-armour. Of course, someone else was going to borrow it:

The tin boys are slowly growing in number now:

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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2 Responses

  1. Cloud Runner says:

    Love that servo arm – any chance of a ‘how to’ and parts run-down for it?


  2. Rusty Dice says:

    It’s really simple. The missile launcher backpack from the Devastator set. Just carefully cut the arm into 2 pieces and off the backpack. Glue them back together in a new pose.

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