Pre-Heresy Top Ten #9

  1. Leman Russ – by Dave Taylor
  2. AOTE4 best army – Blood Angels – by Dargor
  3. Heresy Death Guard – by BigRed
  4. Myrmidon Assault Engine – by Lt.gregor
  5. Ultramarines – by SirAndrewD
  6. Truescale World Eaters – by MagosBinary
  7. Doomwing of Tzeentch – by KingFluff
  8. Alpharius – by Apologist
  9. Custodian Guard – by Angels_blade
  10. MkIII Luna Wolves – by SQ

If you have a pre-Heresy blog and would like to be included in the top 10 and blogroll, please comment this post.

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