Dark Mechanicus prepares for Open War

This weekend I shall be attending the 1st Company Veterans‘ Open War tournament. I don’t frequent tournaments as I don;t consider any of my armies complete or competitive, but have been enjoying the motivation of ‘best army’ awards. Whether I achieve anything or not, having a pending deadline gets me painting, which can only be a good thing.

I settled on using Codex: Imperial Guard to represent my Dark Mechanicus, the final decision falling to being able to use my Storm Hawk (as a Vendetta in this case). However, it has meant a lot of work!

I’ve tidied up the two sentinels, but settled on keeping their armaments.

Two new Chimeras are under way:

I managed to build one wrong, but its different look can pass it off as the command Chimera with a few extras:

5 more servitors have been added to the horde. I’m using them as two squads of penal legion:

The new Manticore kit was too nice to pass up:

Added to these, I have to create 10 more Hypaspists to complete the list – all due for Saturday!

Everything added is in a very early painting/building stage, so some better pictures should follow.

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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