Grey Knights – new gaming material for 30k?

Grey Knights are an exciting release in their own right – an excellent elite force for the discerning collector of the best space marines on the market. They are equally exciting for the ‘after market’ hobbyists – those of us who get excited over bits, conversion projects and of course, cannibalising or proxying the army rules for something entirely different.

New models

The Grey Knight release is promising new plastic marines. This should provide us with some beautifully sculpted aegis/artificer armour for all sorts of conversion projects. There’s also new models in the form of the Dreadknight and characters.

For those fans of the Storm Raven, it’s also used by the Grey Knights, as included in their codex.

New rules

This is perhaps more exciting for the pre-Heresy crowd overall.

The Blood Angel codex was an exciting release for Thousand Sons players looking to load their forces with psychic powers and librarians, but the Grey Knights take things a step further with squad-level psykers. I will wait for the full release before forming a true comparison, but GK sound a stronger competitor for TS, if only to get rid of that pesky blood fury!

The Dreadknight. Knight. Is this too obvious or wishful thinking? A hulking (taller than a Dreadnought), piloted walker with monstrous creature stats. This opens up a new door for players who’d like to include Knights in their forces, but is this new unit a good reflection of what we all see as Knights?

As an aspiring rule writer, I put together some rules for Knights here, which are clearly very different. I plan to explore the Dreadknight rules thoroughly once the book is available. There’s also some sensibly scaled models on the way – Iwonder how they’ll stand toe-to-toe with their dread-brethren.

Daemonhosts. These could effectively translate the flesh-changed sorcerers of the legion, which is stated to occur throughout their back history, albeit rarer under Magnus’ guidance.

Henchmen. Elite psychic space marines, backed up by human soldiers? A good excuse to dust off your Prospero Spireguard models, I’d say!

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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